What is so special about Swarays?

Our phenomenal love for weddings and parties, and our commitment to exceed your expectations. This we are doing by bringing you the best and widest range of jewelleries and accessories combined with the most convenient shopping experience.

We know you want the best accessories and you don’t want to travel miles to find them.

This is why we have brought together the best vendors in Jewellery and accessory to offer you compelling fashion pieces.

Whether you are the bride, groom, guest or celebrating your special moments, you will find a piece that defines your style.

Our exquisite accessories collection will not only transform your look but make your outfits glamorous.

We remain your reliable source of wedding rings and accessories for your wedding, parties and all your special occasions.

I am unwilling to enter my credit card details, is it safe?

It is completely safe. Swarays doesn’t store any of your credit card information. Our payment is handled by CashEnvoy’s totally secure system with data encryption and SSL certificate payment service.

 What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Pure silver in its real state is soft and not malleable. It has to be mixed with other metals to significantly improve its hardness and durability without affecting its beautiful colour. When pure silver or fine silver is mixed with less than 7.5% of alloy it is known as Sterling Silver.


Will my Sterling Silver Jewellery tarnish?

Silver jewelry is prone to tarnishing but with proper care, your Sterling Silver jewelry will last a lifetime. Regular polishing treatments are the ideal solution to keep your silver jewelry shining. Ensure you clean your rings regularly with our treated polish clothes to maintain its shine.

What is Stainless steel?

Stainless steel is a metal alloy (mixture) of iron, carbon, and chromium. It is the addition of chromium that turns regular steel into the bright, reflective, and highly durable stainless steel metal.

Will my Stainless steel jewelry tarnish?

Stainless steel jewelry is slightly similar in appearance to silver. It is harder than silver and will NOT tarnish which is why it is increasingly used in jewelry. Stainless jewelry can be (but is not always) made without nickel making it suitable for those allergic to nickel. If you like the metallic finish and require a robust piece of jewelry capable of withstanding moisture without tarnish or corrosion then stainless steel is a very affordable and wise option.

How do i care for my jewelry?

Be sure to clean off sweat or other liquids from your sterling silver jewelry and keep dry before storage.

When cleaning sterling silver, you want to polish the surface with a silver polish cloth or soft cotton cloth. Microfiber cloths like the ones used to clean eye glasses or computer screens are perfect for cleaning sterling silver jewelry pieces. Warm water mixed with some liquid detergent can also be used, as long as you use a very soft cloth in the washing process.

Sterling silver jewelry should be kept away from harsh chemicals such as bleach and chlorine.

How do i know my ring size?

  • Get a non-stretchy string or fold a piece of paper (3 folds) about 10cm long and 0.7cm wide.
  • Wrap around the base of your finger. It has to fit snug, but not too tight.
  • Mark the point on the string/paper where it completes a circle.
  • Measure from the beginning of the paper to the mark with a ruler and compare the measurement with chart below



Inside Curcumference(cm)US standard ring size


  • Note- If your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, you are likely to wear a size larger to allow ring pass through your knuckle and prevent sliding off your finger.


What if i buy a wrong size?

Our 7 day return policy allows you to exchange for a perfect size. You would however be required to pay shipping charges for the exchange.

Why hasn’t my order arrived?

Don’t panic, we will stand by you. Please track your order using the tracking number sent to you in your order confirmation email. If you still cant track your order, please send an email to quoting your order number and we will solve the problem.

What do i do with a damaged order?

We are so sorry but please keep calm. Simply send us an email describing the damage and if possible, attach a picture of the damaged item. We promise to make your satisfaction priority as we treat each case. If we have to refund, we would within 48 hours of receiving the item back.

Why is my order incomplete?

Swarays has brought the best vendors of wedding and party accessories under one roof. If you have ordered more than one item and it isn’t from the same seller or shipped from our warehouse, your order might arrive one after the other. Not to worry, all items would arrive within few days interval.

I would like to return an order.

Simply send us an email at Please include your phone number in the email and we will call you as soon as we get your mail 

Why don’t you offer Cash on delivery?

As much as customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our business practices, impulse buyers have made it difficult for us to offer cash on delivery. Our shipment is handled by third party, so when we incur expenses for delivery and returns for a customer who deliberately refuses to pickup an item they ordered, that’s bad business. If we however find a way to validate serious buyers in the future, we wont hesitate to offer COD to our esteemed customers.

This is why we have made our returns system very effective. We receive your returns and you are credited within 48hours. NO stories.